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Below is a table of each module in the Geronimo system and each dependency that the module has on other modules. This information was obtained through the Maven pom.xml files that are included with each module in Geronimo. Each dependency in these files was recorded and went into the table below.

  ge-activemq-rar geronimo-activation geronimo-activemq-gbean geronimo-activemq-gbean-management geronimo-axis geronimo-axis-builder geronimo-client geronimo-client-builder geronimo-clustering geronimo-clustering-builder-wadi geronimo-clustering-wadi geronimo-common geronimo-connector geronimo-connector-builder geronimo-converter geronimo-core geronimo-deploy-config geronimo-deploy-jsr88 geronimo-deploy-tool geronimo-deployment geronimo-derby geronimo-directory geronimo-hot-deploy geronimo-interceptor geronimo-j2ee geronimo-j2ee-builder geronimo-j2ee-schema geronimo-jetty geronimo-jetty-builder geronimo-jetty-clustering-wadi geronimo-jmx-remoting geronimo-kernel geronimo-mail geronimo-management geronimo-naming geronimo-naming-builder geronimo-persistence-jpa10 geronimo-persistence-jpa10-builder geronimo-security geronimo-security-builder geronimo-service-builder geronimo-system geronimo-test-ddbean geronimo-timer geronimo-tomcat geronimo-tomcat-builder geronimo-transaction geronimo-transformer geronimo-upgrade geronimo-util geronimo-web-builder geronimo-webservices geronimo-webservices-builder
geronimo-activemq-gbean     X          X             X          X         X            
geronimo-activemq-gbean-management                                   X                    
geronimo-axis                                 X    X     X              X  
geronimo-axis-builder      X                                                 X
geronimo-client                          X           X     X    X      X       
geronimo-client-builder        X        X                           X              
geronimo-clustering                          X                  X            
geronimo-clustering-builder-wadi                               X       X                  
geronimo-clustering-wadi          X                                             
geronimo-common                                 X                      
geronimo-connector             X         X      X        X   X X     X         X       
geronimo-connector-builder              X     X                    X        X           
geronimo-converter             X                     X                      
geronimo-core                                   X         X            
geronimo-deploy-jsr88               X       X                       X          X   
geronimo-deploy-tool                   X   X                      X X            
geronimo-deployment                                           X            
geronimo-derby                                   X         X            
geronimo-directory                                           X            
geronimo-hot-deploy                   X X                        X            
geronimo-j2ee                                   X         X            
geronimo-j2ee-builder                            X             X   X             
geronimo-j2ee-schema                                          X             
geronimo-jetty          X     X                      X       X             X  
geronimo-jetty-builder                             X                        X   
geronimo-jetty-clustering-wadi            X                  X                          
geronimo-jmx-remoting                                           X            
geronimo-mail                          X        X   X                    
geronimo-management                                           X            
geronimo-naming                 X         X                              
geronimo-naming-builder             X      X    X      X X X      X    X                   
geronimo-persistence-jpa10              X                              X      X X      
geronimo-persistence-jpa10-builder                          X X           X X     X             
geronimo-security                 X         X X          X         X            
geronimo-security-builder                           X              X   X             
geronimo-service-builder             X      X    X             X                      
geronimo-system             X                     X                   X    
geronimo-test-ddbean                            X               X             
geronimo-timer              X    X          X        X                X       
geronimo-tomcat              X                       X     X X   X      X      X  
geronimo-tomcat-builder                           X           X     X X     X       X   
geronimo-transaction                 X          X                             
geronimo-upgrade             X                     X          X             
geronimo-web-builder                          X X           X     X X   X           
geronimo-webservices                 X         X X                             
geronimo-webservices-builder             X              X   X      X     X                 X