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This page is intended for tracking the progress of Geronimo 2.2 documentation. Geronimo 2.2 documentation includes User's&Developer's guides being created for Apache Geronimo 2.1. Main structure of Geronimo 2.2 documentation is quite different from the previous ones. It's task-oriented, which means most of topics focuses on how to accomplish one task with Geronimo server. The document also includes introductions to Geronimo architecture and new features as well as concepts about Geronimo.

Based on features to be added and enhanced in Geronimo 2.2, relevant topics in documentation should be updated as followed:

Priority Topic readyTopics Topic reviewed Topic location comments
H Java SE 6 support  1 GERONIMO-4089
H Usability improvements
  1. Save plans from Console Wizards
  2. rar created from wizard is car type
  1 GERONIMO-3811,GERONIMO-4265,Geronimo-4268
H Admin console accessibility improvements 1 GERONIMO-4081
H Reduce server footprint and startup time 1,2  
H New server management features
  1. Plugin based farming
  2. Enhance geronimo-maven-plugin to start/stop multiple servers at once
geronimo-maven-plugin function is not closed yet, see Geronimo-4283
H Component version list update  1 
H New Git mirror for source checkout 1  
H EJB server portlet 1,2 Geronimo-4670
H Monitoring portlet improvement  1 GERONIMO-4761
H Edit artifact-aliases portlet  1 GERONIMO-4658
H Installed artifacts can be removed on console 1 GERONIMO-4759
H Sample of monitoringDS 1 
H Configure SSL transport connector for JMS broker  1 Geronimo-4806
H Adding ActiveMQ broker,JMS server portlet  1 Geronimo-4494
H New GShell commands:deploy 1. deploy/new-instance 2. deploy/login 1 GERONIMO-4382
L New GShell commands:Remote GShell 1. remote/rsh-server 2. remote/rsh 1  
L New GShell commands:Cluster 1. cluster/deploy 2. cluster/heartbeat 1 
H New server commands: cxf-tools.sh(.bat) 1  
H New GShell commands: jaxws 1 
H start-server command usage with -j  1Geronimo-4709
H shutdown command: uses stored username/password 1, 2 Geronimo-1367
H Tomcat native-clustering  1 GERONIMO-4804,GERONIMO-4953
H Virtual host for Tomcat   1 Geronimo-4665
H New plugin group commands   same as plugin commands
H Deploy plugin groups   plugin groups can be deployed as regular plugin,so no specific update for this topic
H Hotdeployer GBean usage   1  
H Create a custom server assembly with plugin groups  1GERONIMO-4303
H Create new Server Instances via plugins  1 GERONIMO-4382, GShell command deploy/newinstance
H Farming using Deployment  1 GERONIMO-4729
H EJB clustering using WADI  1 1,2
L   JMS clustering in Geronimo  1
H Spring+Geronimo security  1 1
H Update groupId of j2ee-security in sample code 1
H TranQL connector for Infomix,Oracle RAC and SQL server 2005/2006
distributed in G2.1.4 already
H Installing GEP 2.2  1 DownLoadServerAdapters.png and EclipseUpdateMgrScreen.png need to be updated after GEP is available online.
H Geronimo Deployment Plan Editor 1GERONIMODEVTOOLS-519
H Deploying applications in GEP  1  
H Define Geronimo server runtime  1 
H Server configuration in Eclipse  1 
H GEP support for creating Custom Server Assemblies(short for CSA) 1  
H GEP support and building plugins 1
H Importing applications built with car-maven-plugin into GEP  1  
L   Enhance geronimo-maven-plugin to start/stop multiple servers at once  GERONIMO-4283, not closed yet
H Server farm/cluster management with dynamic members
and improved deployment for offline/new member scenarios
 1 GERONIMO-4284
L Configuring a MySQL datasource 1 
L Replacing the default file realm  1Geronimo-4553,Geronimo-4818
L Geronimo specified options(GERONIMO_OPTS) 1 
H Deployment plan topic improvement  1 Geronimo-4624
L Java Service Wrapper update(wrapper.conf) 1 Geronimo - Users, GERONIMO-4673
  Run Geronimo as window service using Apache Commons Daemon
distributed in G2.1.4 already
   Editorial done.
H Running Geronimo as a Linux service 1GERONIMO-4622
L Set OpenEJB JNDI format in Geronimo 1  
H Building Geronimo in Eclipse 1 development document
H Migration from Tomcat to Geronimo 1  
H Persist JSP compilation configuration 1 Part of Tomcat to Geronimo migration
H Migration from JBoss to Geronimo 2.2 1  
H Migration from WebLogic 8.1 to Geronimo 2.2 1 Currently only migrating WebLogic database pools to Geronimo
H Obscuring password 1 Reference
H Application specific Log4jConfigurationGBean 1 Mailing list
L Enable WS-Security features of Axis2 and CXF in Geronimo  1 GERONIMO-4642

Use server.xml of Tomcat in Geronimo
  1. Web listener configuration
  2. Threadpool configuration
H Installing Eclipse 1  
H GEP new features: do not redeploy WAR if only JSP is changed 1 GERONIMODEVTOOLS-575, GERONIMODEVTOOLS-580
HGEP new feature: database pool wizard 1 GERONIMODEVTOOLS-455
HGEP new feature: security realm wizard 1 GERONIMODEVTOOLS-456
HGEP new feature: refactor artifactID when projected renamed 1GERONIMODEVTOOLS-283
H GEP new feature: can change username/password of local server 1 GERONIMODEVTOOLS-320
H GEP new feature: server startup in profiling mode 1 GERONIMODEVTOOLS-563
H GEP improvement: button name update in Convert plugin wizard 1 GERONIMODEVTOOLS-571
H GEP improvement: duplicate module ids for ear/client 1 GERONIMODEVTOOLS-577
L GEP troubleshooting: Error log view in Eclipse 3.5 / Coexistence of <sec:security> and <dep:gbean> 1 GERONIMODEVTOOLS-575
H Troubleshooting
  1. Runtime issue: usage of JAVA_OPTS
  2. Runtime issue: APR https exception
H IE 6 troubleshooting  1 
H Troubleshooting
  1. Development issue: JSP/Servelet reloading
  2. Development issue: OpenEJB container options
 1 reference