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The following table is just a list for major doc updates for Geronimo 2.2.1. If there are any other topics that should be documented or updated, please feel free to append the list.

Priority Topic ready Topics Topic reviewed Topic location Comments
H   2.2.1-release-notes.txt    
H component versions  1  
H Configuring JMS resources   1 5124
H Configuring EJB server   1 5354
H Custom server assembly improvements  1 5163
H Native unicast clustering with 3 nodes  1  
H EJB failover   1 5059
H Dependency of Clustering over JMXConnector   1 5148
H Redeploy option for farming  1 5027
H Using SPNEGO in Geronimo   1 5128
H Configuring Kerberos realm  1  
H unlocKeystore command  1 5156
H JMX client over ssl  1 4233
H Deploy New portlet improvement  1 5274
H ActiveMQ clustering  1 Using activemq.xml directly, refer to activeMQ doc
H Configuring Java EE client security 1  
H Configuring location of system databases  1 Refer to mailing list
H Derby authentication related   1,2 5707
H SPNEGO authentication   1 5126
H http-based authentication   1 5197
H JMX protocol as default for monitoring   1 5727