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Geronimo provides two OSGi frameworks: Eclipse Equinox and Apache Felix. You can easily configure which OSGi framework is used at runtime by updating the etc/onfig.properties configuration file. By default, Geronimo server uses Equinox as its default OSGi runtime. The following example show how to configure Geronimo to use Felix as its OSGi framework.

Changing the OSGi runtime

The config.properties file is the system properties file of underlying OSGi framework of Geronimo, in which stores the initial configuration parameters to start up the framework.

  1. Open config.properties file under /etc directory.
  2. Comment out the line with karaf.framework=equinox and uncomment the line with karaf.framework=felix.
  3. Specify the location of Felix bundle using the key karaf.framework.felix. The following code snippet is an updated config.properties file.
    # Framework selection properties

Save the file and restart the server.