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You can deploy JMS resources with the deploy command (without using the administration console). If you want to create a group of resources consisting of ConnectionFactory, topics and queues, you only have to deploy a geronimo-activemq-ra connector (RA means "ResourceAdapter") with an deployment plan as follows:

Deployment Plan

Now you only have to deploy this deployment plan and the geronimo-activemq-ra connector with the deploy command. For this example, the deployment plan is named as JMSResources.xml and deployed on a Unix-based system with the following command:

jeff@jeff:~/Geronimo/Tomcat6-2.2/bin$ ./deploy.sh deploy $GERONIMO_HOME/repository/org/apache/geronimo/modules/geronimo-activemq-ra/2.2-SNAPSHOT/geronimo-activemq-ra-2.2-SNAPSHOT.rar JMSResource.xml 
Using GERONIMO_HOME:   /home/jeff/Geronimo/Tomcat6-2.2
Using GERONIMO_TMPDIR: var/temp
Using JRE_HOME:        /opt/ibm/java-i386-60/jre
    Deployed console.jms/jmsResources/1.0/car

Note that the path or name of geronimo-activemq-ra-2.2-SNAPSHOT.rar can be different according to the Geronimo installation that you have.

If you want to undeploy this geronimo-activemq-ra connector, use the following undeploy command:

jeff@jeff:~/Geronimo/Tomcat6-2.2/bin$ ./deploy.sh --user system --password manager --host localhost undeploy console.jms/jmsResources/1.0/car
Using GERONIMO_HOME:   /home/jeff/Geronimo/Tomcat6-2.2
Using GERONIMO_TMPDIR: var/temp
Using JRE_HOME:        /opt/ibm/java-i386-60/jre
    Module console.jms/jmsResources/1.0/car unloaded.
    Module console.jms/jmsResources/1.0/car uninstalled.

    Undeployed console.jms/jmsResources/1.0/car

where console.jms/jmsResources/1.0/car is the moduleID of the geronimo-activemq-ra connector defined in the deployment plan.

remote deploy Tips

Remember to set the RemoteDeployHostname in <GERONIMO_HOME>\var\config\config-substitutions.properties if you want to do remote deploy (when the --host parameter is not localhost).