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The tables below list various system level properties supported by the Geronimo server. These properties can be set using the GERONIMO_OPTS environment variable or using the etc/system.properties configuration file.

To set a given system property using the GERONIMO_OPTS environment variable use the following commands:

  • On a Windows system set GERONIMO_OPTS=-D<OptionClass>=<value>
  • On a Linux/Unix system export GERONIMO_OPTS=-D<OptionClass>=<value>

General System Properties

OptionClass Value Default Description
org.apache.geronimo.deployment.LenientMFCP true, false false Specifies lenience vs. strict manifest classpath interpretation. Specify true for more lenient processing such as ignoring missing jars and references that are not spec compliant.
org.apache.geronimo.deployment.util.DeploymentUtil.jarUrlRewrite true, false false Prevents the lockout of archive during deployment, instead of returning a jar url, write the content to a temp file and return the url of that file.
org.apache.geronimo.gbean.NoProxy true, false true Specifies whether to use fast proxy to access GBean. If not, reflection is used.
org.apache.geronimo.kernel.config.Marshaler   org.apache.geronimo.kernel.config.SerializedConfigurationMarshaler Specifies the configuration marshaler class.
org.apache.geronimo.kernel.config.MPCLSearchOption safe, optimized safe Specifies classLoaderSearchMode of the MultiParentClassLoader.
org.apache.geronimo.jacc.policy.provider   Policy provider of the JRE Specifies the classname of the JACC policy provider. Must be a subclass of java.security.Policy.
org.apache.geronimo.config.file    Specifies the location of server config file.
org.apache.geronimo.config.substitutions.file    Specifies the location of server config substitutions file.
org.apache.geronimo.config.substitution.prefix   org.apache.geronimo.config.substitution Specifies the prefix used to specify config substitutions. Users can specify a (key, value) to override the properties set in the config substitutions file. For example, an entry such as hostName=localhost can be overridden by setting -Dorg.apache.geronimo.config.substitution.hostName=foo when the prefix is org.apache.geronimo.config.substitution.
org.apache.geronimo.home.dir    Specifies server installation directory.
org.apache.geronimo.server.dir    Specifies the base directory of a server instance.
org.apache.geronimo.server.name    Specifies the name of a server instance, used to construct a base directory as a sub-directory of the server installation when org.apache.geronimo.server.dir is not specified.
org.apache.geronimo.repository.boot.path    Specifies the path of the server repository.
org.apache.geronimo.tomcat.GeronimoStandardContext.allowLinking true, false false The option is for Tomcat assembly only.
If the value of this flag is true, symlinks will be allowed inside the web application, pointing to resources outside the web application base path.
If not specified, the default value of the flag is false.
org.apache.geronimo.webapplication.stage development, production production If set to development the contents of a web module will be extracted on disk. This enables tooling to make faster updates to the application.
org.apache.geronimo.equinox.useURLClassLoader true, false false If true, the module classloader will extend the URLClassLoader.

Web Services System Properties

OptionClass Value Default Description
org.apache.geronimo.jaxws.wsgen.addToClassPath true, false true Controls whether the wsgen generated classes should be added to the module classpath.
By default, the generated classes will be added to the module classpath.
org.apache.geronimo.jaxws.wsgen.fork true, false true on Windows
false on other OS
org.apache.geronimo.jaxws.wsgen.fork.timeout   1000 * 60 (microseconds)  
org.apache.geronimo.jaxws.builder.useSimpleFinder true, false not set Uses org.apache.geronimo.jaxws.builder.SimpleWARWebServiceFinder to locate WebServiceInfo objects, otherwise use org.apache.geronimo.jaxws.builder.AdvancedWARWebServiceFinder.
org.apache.geronimo.saaj.provider axis2, sun not set Specifies the SAAJ provider.
org.apache.geronimo.webservice.provider.wsdl.ignore true, false not set Ignores WSDL location that is specified for @WebServiceProvider service.

OSGi Application System Properties

OptionClass Value Default Description
ariesApplicationResolver.returnOptionalResources true, false false Controls whether optional bundles should be provisioned during OSGi application installation or not.
org.apache.geronimo.aries.failApplicationOnStartError true, false false If true and one of the bundles of an OSGi application fails to start, the entire OSGi application is undeployed. If false, the OSGi application stays around even if there are bundle start errors.
org.apache.geronimo.aries.resolveApplicationOnDeploy true, false true Controls whether OSGi application is resolved during installation. If false, the OSGi application is resolved each time it is started.
org.apache.geronimo.osgi.web.extender.synchronous true, false false Support for synchronous deployment of Web Application Bundles (WABs).
Equivalent with Synchronous-Deploy header in the MANIFEST.MF file of a WAB.