Start a module running on Geronimo server.

Parameters for the goal:

Parameter Type Expression Default Value Description
artifactFactory (Optional) (Discovered) ArtifactFactory - - ???
artifactRepository ArtifactRepository ${localRepository} - ???
artifactResolver (Optional) (Discovered) ArtifactResolver - - ???
hostname (Optional) String ${hostname} localhost The hostname of the server to connect to.
logFile (Optional) File - - When logOutput is enabled, the output is logged to the file location specified here. If this value is not present, then "${logOutputDirectory}/goal-name" log will be used.
logOutput (Optional) boolean ${logOutput} false Enable logging mode.
logOutputDirectory (Optional) File ${logOutputDirectory} ${}/geronimo-logs The directory where log files will be put under.
moduleId (Optional) String ${moduleId} - The id of the module to be started in the format of groupId/artifactId/version/type.
modules (Optional) ModuleConfig - - List of module artifact configurations. Artifacts need to point to jar | war | ear | rar archive.
password (Optional) String ${password} manager The password to authenticate with.
port (Optional) int ${port} 1099 The port number to connect to the server.
project MavenProject ${project} - The maven project.
reporters (Optional) Reporter - - A set of reporters which will do something interesting with the execution results.
username (Optional) String ${username} system The username to authenticate with.