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Directory Structure

The Tomcat directory structure is familiar to most users and if we leverage this it should drastically reduce the learning curve of the server. The following is a slightly modified version of the Tomcat layout and should be familiar enough to Tomcat users:

Name Description
apps User application hot deploy directory which is scanned frequently
bin Shell scripts and executable jars
bin/bootstrap.xml Defines the initial server environment
bin/lib Jars automatically added to bootstrap class loader
common Defines the common class loader (see Class Loader)
common/classes Loose classes
common/endorsed Endorsed jars
common/i18n Resource jars
common/lib/ General jars
conf Configurations (modules) automatically loaded into the server at startup
logs Log files
repository Available artifacts for reference
shared Defines the shared class loader (see Class Loader)
shared/classes Loose classes
shared/lib/ General jars
temp Temp directory used to unpack nested archives