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The following table is a list of the tests that are currently available in geronimo/testsuite and a wishlist of the tests that needs to be added.

The source for the Geronimo Testsuite can be found here

 The results of the tests have been published here. You can see the individual tests for each suite on the results page.

The wiki page for how to create and execute tests is here.

Suite Tests No. Tests Comments
console-testsuite   38  
  basic 38 basic tests which validate login/logout, check links and verify pages and portlets.
  advanced   need advanced tests to perform functions using the console.
deployment-testsuite   3 GERONIMO-1860
  basic-deployment 2  
  manifest classpath 1  
web-testsuite   6  
  servlets 2 filtering multiple servlets with * broken. GERONIMO-2664
annotation implementation from spec missing.  GERONIMO-2651
  JSP 4 JSP error. GERONIMO-2650
  JSP Debug   
enterprise-testsuite   554  
  EJB 552 Need to move up to tests in OpenEJB 3.0. Some of the OpenEJB 2.3 tests are broken. But there is no point in fixing those now.
  JMS 1  
  JPA 1  
  JAF 1.1   
  JTA 1.1   
  JCA 1.5   
  JavaMail 1.4   
  JACC 1.1   
webservices-testsuite   16  
  JAXB 4  
  STAX 4  
  JAXWS 2  
  JAXR 4  
  JAXRPC 2  
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