Alias for start-server.

Parameters for the goal:

Parameter Type Expression Default Value Description
background boolean - false Flag to control if we background the server or block Maven execution.
debug (Optional) boolean ${debug} false Enable the server's debug mode..
defaultUserExtensions (Optional) String - org/apache/geronimo/mavenplugins/selenium/default-user-extentions.js The file or resource to use for default user-extentions.js.
defaultUserExtensionsEnabled (Optional) boolean - true Enable or disable default user-extentions.js
logFile File ${logFile} ${}/selenium/server.log The file that Selenium server logs will be written to.
logOutput (Optional) boolean ${logOutput} false Enable logging mode.
pluginArtifactMap Map ${plugin.artifactMap} - Map of of plugin artifacts.
port (Optional) int ${port} 4444 The port number the server will use.
project MavenProject ${project} - The maven project.
timeout (Optional) int ${timeout} -1 Timeout for the server in seconds.
userExtensions (Optional) String - - Location of the user-extentions.js to load into the server. If defaultUserExtensionsEnabled is true, then this file will be appended to the defaults.
workingDirectory File ${}/selenium - Working directory where Selenium server will be started from.