Apache Geronimo

Apache Geronimo is an open source set of projects that are focus on providing JavaEE/JakartaEE libraries and Microprofile implementations.
We are actively delivering reusable Java EE components though.
They are widely used and still actively maintained!


Apache Geronimo provide libraries for the implementations of the Java EE and Jakarta EE specifications. The implementations are also focus on providing OSGi bundle metadatas.


The goal of XBean project is to created a plugin based server analogous to Eclipse being a plugin based IDE. XBean will be able to discover, download and install server plugins from an Internet based repository. In addition, we include support for multiple IoC systems, support for running with no IoC system, JMX without JMX code, lifecycle and class loader management, and a rock solid Spring integration.


Apache Geronimo hosts several Microprofile Implementation:

  • Config
  • Fault Tolerance (Safeguard)
  • JWT Auth, OpenTracing
  • Health
  • Metrics
  • OpenAPI
There is also some extensions as a set of module integration with Microprofile and enriching it transparently with production/cloud ready features. It also provide μ~ (utilda) which is a pom with Apache Meecrowave and the Aggregator pom which makes you a one dependency Microprofile 2.0 server, ready to use.


Apache Geronimo Arthur is an effort to build a thin layer on top of Oracle GraalVM to build native binaries from your Java programs. Arthur project is composed of multiple module:

  • API: it contains some end user API integrated with built-in extensions to simplify application graal-ification.
  • SPI: it contains the extension API intended to be used by libraries or integrators to simplify the graal-ification of a coding pattern or framework coding style.
  • Implementation: it does the orchestration of the extensions execution before the native-image command line generation and execution.
  • Maven Plugin: it wraps the Implementation in a Maven Plugin and provides Docker helper mojos.
  • Knights: knight are modules providing Arthur extensions.


Apache BatchEE is a project providing an implementation of JBatch (aka jsr-352) and a set of useful extension for this specification. The JBatch implementation is based on a fork of the Reference Implementation provided by IBM but it has now a set of enhancements. BatchEE provide:

  • Extensions: Beanio, Camel, Commons-csv, Extras, Groovy, Hazelcast, Jackson, Jsefa, Jsonp, Modelmapper.
  • GUI: a Web-UI and 2 different ways to expose Batch details via REST,
  • CLI: to make it easy to integrate with companies schedulers and let JBatch batches run as any program.
  • Maven plugins: documentation, remote instance configuration.


Apache Geronimo™ is an open source server runtime that integrates the best open source projects to create Java/OSGi server runtimes that meet the needs of enterprise developers and system administrators. Our most popular distribution has previously been a fully certified Java EE 6 application server runtime. Now we are refocusing on providing JavaEE/JakartaEE libraries and Microprofile implementations. Please note that the Apache Geronimo Project does no longer actively maintain the Geronimo Application Server! If you are looking for a replacement then please look at the Apache TomEE Application Server project.

Apache & OpenSource

Apache Geronimo™ is your project! Apache Geronimo™ is an Apache Software Foundation project, available under the Apache v2 license. It's a complete open community, always listening proposals and comments. Sources, mailing lists, issue tracker: it's fully open, you can access directly. We also love contributions : don't hesitate to contribute.