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Configuring GEP to publish POJO projects as shared library is illustrated using a Web application and adding a POJO project as a dependency. In order to create a new Web project and publish its dependency on a POJO project as shareld library, follow the steps given below:

  1. Create a HelloWorld Dynamic Web project as given in Developing a Hello World Web application.
  2. Create a POJO project as given below:
    • Click File -> New -> Project.
    • Select Java Project and click Next.
    • Enter CurrencyConverterPojo as the project name and click Finish. (If asked to switch to Java perspective, you may select No).
    • In Project Explorer view, right click on CurrencyConverterPojo, select New -> Class.
    • Enter myPackage as package name, CurrencyConverter as class name and click Finish.
    • Replace the content of CurrencyConverjer.java with the contents from CurrencyConverter.java.
    • Press Ctrl + S to save changes.
  3. Add POJO project into web-app's Java Build Path as given below:
    • In Project Explorer view, right click on HelloWorld, and click Properties.
    • Click Java Build Path and then switch to Projects tab.
    • Click Add. Select CurrencyConverterPojo as the project to be added and click OK. Click OK again.

  4. To use POJO inside web-app's index.jsp:
    • Double click on HelloWorld -> WebContent -> index.jsp to open it in JSP editor.
    • Add the following code before the </body> tag.
    • Press Ctrl + S to save the changes.
  5. Enable in-place shared library support in Server editor as given below:
    • In Servers view, double click on Apache Geronimo v2.1 Server at localhost to open the server editor.
    • In the server editor, under Test Environment, select Enable in-place shared library support.

    • Press Ctrl + S to save the changes.
  6. To add a dependency on org.apache.geronimo.configs/sharedlib//car in geronimo-web.xml:
    • Double click on HelloWorld -> Web Content -> WEB-INF -> *geronimo-web.xml* to open it in Geronimo Deployment Plan Editor.
    • In General tab, select Add a run time dependency to Geronimo's shared library.

    • Press Ctrl+S to save the file.

      In Source tab, a dependency on geronimo/sharedlib//car would be added as below:

      This is due to a current bug in Geronimo Deployment Plan Editors. Change <sys:groupId> from geronimo to org.apache.geronimo.configs and press Ctrl + S to save the changes.

  7. To run the HelloWorld application:
    • Right click on HelloWorld, click Run As -> Run on Server.
    • Select Apache Geronimo v2.1 Server at localhost and click Finish. This will run the application and the welcome page will open in a browser inside eclipse.

Use the steps below to verify that the dependency on POJO project is indeed added as a shared library:

  1. Verify that a file HelloWorld.eclipse.jar is created under <geronimo_home>/var/shared/lib.
  2. Verify that the Manifest.mf file in HelloWorld.eclipse.jar contains the following:

    The file path used in the manifest Class-Path may differ based on the location of your workspace directory.