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Connecting to an already running Geronimo instance in GShell

The GShell command deploy/connect can be used to connect to an instance of Geronimo that is already running. If no options are provided, then the default port (1099) and host (localhost) will be used to connect to a server. The -p option can be used to specify a different port and -s to specify a remote hostname.

jason@Jason-Warners-Computer.local:/> deploy/connect --port 1099 --hostname foo.bar.com
Connecting to Geronimo server: foo.bar.com:1099
Username: system
Password: *******

deploy/disconnect can be used to disconnect from an already connected instance of Geronimo. Since only one instance of Geronimo can be connected at a time, no options are needed to specify which server to disconnect from.

jason@Jason-Warners-Computer.local:/> deploy/disconnect
Disconnecting from Geronimo server
Connection ended