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Every open source project needs some documentation and extensible QA checks. That's what people (seems to get) used to read when in trouble, after all. It's as important as having your hands dirty with the source code (some say it's even more important). That's also one of the easiest way to get familiar with the code. Therefore, it's much appreciated in any open source project, including Apache Geronimo, when people who want to contribute their time start with reading the project documentation and make sure it's up-to-date.

Since you're new and can easily look at the project from a different perspective, you might find it very easy to spot some mistakes or annoyances. When found, every task/issue/user request should be reported to an issue system. Go to our Issue Tracking to learn about the current issues.

Once you're done with documentation, issue reports, you should try out to write some junit tests. They can take some time and once you're done, you will surely know what to do next.

Visit the Get involved section in the Apache Geronimo Web site for additional information.