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This document is about the way OpenEJB integration works. The aim of the document is to give as much information on the topic as it is necessary to make people confident they understand it and have them prepared for contributing patches and such (at least that's the aim - time will show what it ends up with (wink))

Geronimo uses GBeans to integrate external entities. Conceptually, GBeans are POJOs (TODO: reference to GBean explanation). The entry point of OpenEJB integration is org.apache.geronimo.openejb.OpenEjbSystemGBean class. Geronimo OpenEJB module is in geronimo-openejb. Check it out for more up-to-date information.

TODO: Describe the properties that influence the integration - "duct tape", "admin.disabled", "openejb.logger.external", "openejb.deploymentId.format", "openejb.jndiname.strategy.class""openejb.jndiname.format" etc.


Setting this property to true allows Geronimo to control log levels for OpenEJB. The OpenEJB Logger looks for this property first before doing any logging. If the property is
#false - OpenEJB logger assumes that it is not embedded in Geronimo (or any other App Server) and configures logging using its own internal rules
#true - OpenEJB logger assumes that it is part of Geronimo (or whatever is embedding OpenEJB) and does nothing to configure log levels, appenders, layouts etc. i.e. it totally leaves the configuration of logging to be the responsibility of Geronimo.