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Apache Geronimo Board Report

The Apache Geronimo Project has released Geronimo 2.0.2 in October. Currently we are working on the 2.1 release for January 2008 (or so). Geronimo voted to accept project Yoko as a sub-project in Geronimo from Incubator. There are no community issues for the Board's attention. Details follow.


  • Geronimo
    2.0.2 was released in October - Release Manager - Kevan Miller.
    2.1 is in process



Transaction manager and connector framework 2.0.2 including bug fixes was released in October.

Javamail 1.2 with IMAP client support and rewritten POP3 cllient was released on December.


Draft performance report for Apache Geronimo 2.0.2 was made available in early December. Final version is pending.



Genesis 1.3 was released in December suppporting some legal files generation.


The first GShell release, 1.0-alpha-1, was in December.


XBean 3.2 incorporating bug fixes and some new functionality was released in October.



The javamail provider jars 1.3 were released in December with new IMAP functionality, improved POP3 functionality, OSGI packaging, and bug fixes.


Several specs were released including bug fixes and OSGI packaging info, including Activation, Javamail, Servlet-2.5 and stax-api.

JUGs and Conferences

  • Ireland Java Users Group was attended by Jeff Genender
  • EclipseWorld 2007 was attended by Tim McConnell, where he presented two courses related to the Geronimo Eclipse plugin

Policy Changes


New Committers:
Erik Craig
Alexey Petrenko
Lars Ku?hne

PMC Additions:
Jay McHugh

Other Issues