Class SSLSessionManager

  extended by

public final class SSLSessionManager
extends Object

Stores requests' SSL sessions so that they may be shared amongst portable interceptors. We use this singleton instead of using a ThreadLocal because we cannot guarantee that interceptors will be called under the same thread for a single request.

TODO: There may be an error where the interceptor does not remove the registered session. We should have a daemon that cleans up old requests.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static SSLSession clearSSLSession(int requestId)
static SSLSession getSSLSession(int requestId)
static void setSSLSession(int requestId, SSLSession session)
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Constructor Detail


public SSLSessionManager()
Method Detail


public static SSLSession getSSLSession(int requestId)


public static void setSSLSession(int requestId,
                                 SSLSession session)


public static SSLSession clearSSLSession(int requestId)

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