Class GeronimoTldLocationsCache

  extended by org.apache.jasper.compiler.TldLocationsCache
      extended by org.apache.geronimo.jasper.GeronimoTldLocationsCache

public class GeronimoTldLocationsCache
extends org.apache.jasper.compiler.TldLocationsCache

A container for all tag libraries that are defined "globally" for the web application. Tag Libraries can be defined globally in one of two ways: 1. Via elements in web.xml: the uri and location of the tag-library are specified in the element. 2. Via packaged jar files that contain .tld files within the META-INF directory, or some subdirectory of it. The taglib is 'global' if it has the element defined. A mapping between the taglib URI and its associated TaglibraryInfoImpl is maintained in this container. Actually, that's what we'd like to do. However, because of the way the classes TagLibraryInfo and TagInfo have been defined, it is not currently possible to share an instance of TagLibraryInfo across page invocations. A bug has been submitted to the spec lead. In the mean time, all we do is save the 'location' where the TLD associated with a taglib URI can be found. When a JSP page has a taglib directive, the mappings in this container are first searched (see method getLocation()). If a mapping is found, then the location of the TLD is returned. If no mapping is found, then the uri specified in the taglib directive is to be interpreted as the location for the TLD of this tag library. This class was copied from tomcat to allow Geronimo to override Jasper's default TldLocationsCache which does not work with Geronimo's MultiParentClassLoader. Copying was necessary because most of the essential methods and member variables were private.

Pierre Delisle, Jan Luehe

Field Summary
static int ABS_URI
          The types of URI one may specify for a tag library
static int NOROOT_REL_URI
static int ROOT_REL_URI
Constructor Summary
GeronimoTldLocationsCache(ServletContext ctxt)
GeronimoTldLocationsCache(ServletContext ctxt, boolean redeployMode)
Method Summary
 String[] getLocation(String uri)
          Gets the 'location' of the TLD associated with the given taglib 'uri'.
static void setNoTldJars(String jarNames)
          Sets the list of JARs that are known not to contain any TLDs.
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Field Detail


public static final int ABS_URI
The types of URI one may specify for a tag library

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public static final int ROOT_REL_URI
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public static final int NOROOT_REL_URI
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Constructor Detail


public GeronimoTldLocationsCache(ServletContext ctxt)


public GeronimoTldLocationsCache(ServletContext ctxt,
                                 boolean redeployMode)

ctxt - the servlet context of the web application in which Jasper is running
redeployMode - if true, then the compiler will allow redeploying a tag library from the same jar, at the expense of slowing down the server a bit. Note that this may only work on JDK 1.3.1_01a and later, because of JDK bug 4211817 fixed in this release. If redeployMode is false, a faster but less capable mode will be used.
Method Detail


public static void setNoTldJars(String jarNames)
Sets the list of JARs that are known not to contain any TLDs.

jarNames - List of comma-separated names of JAR files that are known not to contain any TLDs


public String[] getLocation(String uri)
                     throws org.apache.jasper.JasperException
Gets the 'location' of the TLD associated with the given taglib 'uri'. Returns null if the uri is not associated with any tag library 'exposed' in the web application. A tag library is 'exposed' either explicitly in web.xml or implicitly via the uri tag in the TLD of a taglib deployed in a jar file (WEB-INF/lib).

getLocation in class org.apache.jasper.compiler.TldLocationsCache
uri - The taglib uri
An array of two Strings: The first element denotes the real path to the TLD. If the path to the TLD points to a jar file, then the second element denotes the name of the TLD entry in the jar file. Returns null if the uri is not associated with any tag library 'exposed' in the web application.

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