Interface J2EEModule

All Superinterfaces:
J2EEDeployedObject, J2EEManagedObject
All Known Subinterfaces:
AppClientModule, EJBModule, ResourceAdapterModule, ResourceAdapterModule, TomcatWebModule, WebModule, WebModule
All Known Implementing Classes:
EjbModuleImpl, EjbModuleImplGBean, J2EEAppClientModuleImpl, JettyWebAppContext, ResourceAdapterModuleImpl, TomcatWebAppContext

public interface J2EEModule
extends J2EEDeployedObject

Represents the JSR-77 type with the same name

Method Summary
 String[] getJavaVMs()
          A list of JVMs this module is running on.
Methods inherited from interface
getDeploymentDescriptor, getServer
Methods inherited from interface
getObjectName, isEventProvider, isStateManageable, isStatisticsProvider

Method Detail


String[] getJavaVMs()
A list of JVMs this module is running on. Each JVM listed here must be present in the owning J2EEServer's list of JVMs.

the ObjectNames of the JVMs the module is running on
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