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Packages that use NetworkManager
org.apache.geronimo.activemq The JMS container using GBeans for deployment in Apache Geronimo   

Uses of NetworkManager in org.apache.geronimo.activemq

Subinterfaces of NetworkManager in org.apache.geronimo.activemq
 interface ActiveMQManager
          The GBean interface for the ActiveMQ management GBean.

Uses of NetworkManager in

Classes in that implement NetworkManager
 class ActiveMQManagerGBean
          Implementation of the ActiveMQ management interface.

Uses of NetworkManager in org.apache.geronimo.jetty6

Classes in org.apache.geronimo.jetty6 that implement NetworkManager
 class JettyManagerImpl
          Jetty implementation of WebManager.

Uses of NetworkManager in

Subinterfaces of NetworkManager in
 interface EJBManager
 interface JMSManager
          Main entry point for managing a particular JMS implementation.
 interface WebManager
          Specialization of NetworkManager for web containers.

Uses of NetworkManager in org.apache.geronimo.tomcat

Classes in org.apache.geronimo.tomcat that implement NetworkManager
 class TomcatManagerImpl
          Tomcat implementation of the WebManager management API.

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