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Packages that use SubjectId

Uses of SubjectId in org.apache.geronimo.openejb

Methods in org.apache.geronimo.openejb that return SubjectId
 SubjectId ServerIdentityToken.getId()

Constructors in org.apache.geronimo.openejb with parameters of type SubjectId
ServerIdentityToken(URI server, SubjectId id)

Uses of SubjectId in

Methods in that return SubjectId
static SubjectId ContextManager.getCurrentId()
 SubjectId IdentificationPrincipal.getId()
static SubjectId ContextManager.getSubjectId(Subject subject)
static SubjectId ContextManager.registerSubject(Subject subject)

Methods in with parameters of type SubjectId
static Subject ContextManager.getRegisteredSubject(SubjectId id)

Constructors in with parameters of type SubjectId
IdentificationPrincipal(SubjectId id)

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