Interface Summary
ConfigurationEntryFactory A factory interface used by GeronimoLoginConfiguration to obtain AppConfigurationEntry[]s from GBean configuration entries.

Class Summary
ConfiguredIdentityNamedUsernamePasswordLoginModule ConfiguredIdentityNamedUsernamePasswordLoginModule adds a geronimo-specific NamedUsernamePasswordCredential to the subject constructed from the configured username, password, and credential name.
DirectConfigurationEntry Exposes a LoginModule directly to JAAS clients, without any particular wrapping by Geronimo.
GeronimoLoginConfiguration A JAAS configuration mechanism (associating JAAS configuration names with specific LoginModule configurations).
JaasLoginModuleUse Holds a reference to a login module and the control flag.
LoginModuleControlFlag A wrapper for the JAAS login module control flag that is Serializable.
LoginModuleControlFlagEditor A property editor for login module flags.
LoginModuleGBean A GBean that wraps a LoginModule, plus options to configure the LoginModule.
NamedUPCredentialLoginModule Inserts named Username/Password credential into private credentials of Subject.
SubjectRegistrationLoginModule SubjectRegistrationLoginModule registers the Subject with geronimo and adds an identification principal.
UPCredentialLoginModule Inserts Username/Password credential into private credentials of Subject.
UsernamePasswordCallback Convenience callback handler.
UsernamePasswordCredential A username/password credential.

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