Package org.apache.geronimo.system.plugin

Interface Summary
DownloadPoller An interface for callers who want to monitor the progress of an installation.
PluginInstaller Knows how to import and export configurations
PluginRepositoryList Interface for a service that lists available plugin repositories.

Class Summary
DownloadResults Provides the results of a configuration download operation.
PluginInstallerGBean A GBean that knows how to download configurations from a Maven repository.
PluginList Metadata on a list of configurations available in a remote server.
PluginMetadata Various metadata on a configuration that's used when listing, importing, and exporting configurations.
PluginRepositoryDownloader An implementation of PluginRepositoryList that downloads plugins from an Apache web site.
SnapshotVersion SnapshotVersion is like Version but holds extra fields that appear in the filename of a snapshot artifact.

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