Class DebugValidator

  extended by javax.servlet.jsp.tagext.TagLibraryValidator
      extended by validators.DebugValidator

public class DebugValidator
extends TagLibraryValidator

Example tag library validator that simply dumps the XML version of each page to standard output (which will typically be sent to the file $CATALINA_HOME/logs/catalina.out). To utilize it, simply include a taglib directive for this tag library at the top of your JSP page.

Craig McClanahan

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 ValidationMessage[] validate(String prefix, String uri, PageData page)
          Validate a JSP page.
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Constructor Detail


public DebugValidator()
Method Detail


public ValidationMessage[] validate(String prefix,
                                    String uri,
                                    PageData page)
Validate a JSP page. This will get invoked once per directive in the JSP page. This method will return null if the page is valid; otherwise the method should return an array of ValidationMessage objects. An array of length zero is also interpreted as no errors.

validate in class TagLibraryValidator
prefix - The value of the prefix argument in this directive
uri - The value of the URI argument in this directive
page - The page data for this page

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