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Apache Geronimo provides several tools for administering the server. These tools are available via command line and some via a Web based console. The Web based Geronimo console is explained in detail in the following section Introducing Geronimo Administration Console. The currently available command line tools are located in the <GERONIMO_HOME>/bin directory and are enumerated in the following list:

  • clientThe client script launches the client application container
  • cxf-toolsThe cxf-tools script is used to generate Web services
  • deploy
  • geronimoThe geronimo script lets you perform two actions, that is start and stop the server in different modes depending on the parameters you specify
  • gogo commands for GeronimoThe gogo commands for Geronimo is an extension of Apache karaf Shell http://karaf.apache.org/ to interact with Geronimo kernel.
  • jaxws-toolsThe jaxws-tools script can be used to generate portable artifacts used in JAX-WS web services
  • shutdownThe shutdown script stops the Apache Geronimo server
  • start-serverThe start-server script for Geronimo that starts Geronimo in the foreground.
  • startupThe startup script starts the Apache Geronimo server in the background.
  • System Properties

Although the tools name is self-explanatory, it may not be the same case with the tool's parameters. The following sections explain more in detail these tools and commands usage.