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This page is an attempt to organize and consolidate all the documentation for Apache Geronimo v1.1. There is a list of topics to be covered and the discussion about the content is being carried on the developers mailing list dev@geronimo.apache.org, for subscription information refer to the Mailing Lists at the Apache Geronimo Web site.

The following is a proposed table of contents to address as many topics as possible on Apache Geronimo. This structure should be the foundation for upcoming releases of Geronimo. This is a work in progress and collaboratively constructed through the Apache Geronimo community, your contributions to this documentation are welcome, this is a community effort.

  3. Summary of changes
  4. Quick start - Apache Geronimo for the impatient
  5. Installation
  6. Administration
  7. Deployment plans
  8. XML schemas
  9. Sample applications
  10. Migrating applications from Geronimo v1.0
  11. Migrating to Apache Geronimo