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Instructions for Building Yoko

Build Requirements

  • Maven 2.0.2 or above
  • JDK 1.5

Steps to build Yoko

  1. If you aren't using Maven for the first time then it's recommended that you clean your local maven repository:
  2. Open a shell and add JAVA_HOME and MAVEN_HOME environment variables to your path.
  3. Run the command mvn install from your trunk directory.


A separate download and installation of the JAX-WS RI is no longer required because the relevant jars are now available on ibiblio. A big thank you to the people who helped to make this happen.

Steps to configure Eclipse for Yoko development

  1. Run the command mvn -Peclipse from your trunk directory.
    This will generate Eclipse .project files for all yoko modules.
  2. In Eclipse, make sure you have a Java5 installation as your default JRE. Chose Window >> Preferences >> Java >> Installed JREs.
  3. Choose File >> Import... and pick Existing projects into Workspace (located in the General category).
    Select the yoko trunk directory as the root directory for the import.