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Yoko consists of several modules, currently

  • api This module runs the xsdtojava task contained in the celtix codegen plugin which is run with corba-binding schema and generates the java classes for this schema. These classes will then be used by both the tools and runtime modules.
  • bindings: This module contains bindings that can be used with Celtix which will allow a Celtix application to communicate over a specific protocol. Currently, this module contains the CORBA Runtime Binding (click for more details), which is described by the JIRA issue YOKO-40 - In the future, it is hoped that other bindings will also be included.
  • tools This module contains the command line tools used for wsdl to idl and idl to wsdl. Functionality will be added on a continous basis once the initial baselines for the tools are done.
  • core: This module contains the ORB and IIOP transport that will be used by the bindings for sending and receiving requests. The ORB will be used in a binding in place of a normal Celtix transport.

The modules bindings and orb should be combined into a coremodule which will represent the core functionality of the Yoko project, as described in the "Initial Tasks" email on the yoko-dev mailing list, March 3rd and 6th, 2006.

TBD: Describe the purpose of each module. What does it contain now, what are the plans? Related Jira issues or components? Are more modules expected in the future, e.g. Naming or Notification Service implementation, IDL to Java compiler, etc.?